RAC: Ready For It (ft. St. Lucia)

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We had the pleasure of hosting RAC at a small venue in Boston a few years back (#humblebrag) as he was one of our favorite artists at the time. Since then, he has honed his craft and become a mainstay in the world of pop and remixes. For good reason too, as he is one talented mofo… seriously, this guy spits out ridiculously catchy pop songs and remixes that often rival the original material. Do yourself a favor and check out RAC’s newest creation, a two part album called Strangers.  Below you will find my favorite track from said album. Can’t… stop… listening…

RAC: Tear You Down (ft. Alex Ebert)

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RAC Tear You Down

I don’t know exactly what it is musically speaking, but there is something so enjoyable about an RAC song. In my opinion I don’t think the man or outfit get their due credit. He might try the same move every time, but it’s a damn fine move.

Of course getting Alex Ebert from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero fame also helps. Dare you not to play this one on repeat.

Oh by the way. RAC has a two part album coming out. All new songs. Sweetness.

RAC: Hollywood (feat. Penguin Prison)

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What’s not to like? RAC is good. Penguin Prison is good. Catchy summer pop jams are good. Throw all that into a blender and out comes “Hollywood,” the new original track from RAC. Known for their bouncy remixes, RAC has chosen to dabble in the world of creating original music from scratch. Enlisting Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, for help was a good call. Check out and download the track below.