Best of 2011: Music Video

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Did you know that “Pop-Up Video” is back? Neither did we until a few hours ago, but even VH1 is trying to clamor to the music industry of yesteryear. Not that we’re complaining here at Sloane. I mean who wouldn’t want to know that Britney shaved her head during the filming of “Womanizer.” While we doubt any of our favorite videos of 2011 will be showing up on VH1 anytime soon, we do think they’ll keep you entertained for the next forty-odd minutes. From the animated, to the sentimental, to the really weird, we’ve got you covered. Have a a gander after the jump.

Coldplay: Wedding Bells

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I don’t get why people hate Chris Martin so much. Ok, so he’s part of (arguably) the biggest band in the world right now, and sure he’s married to a really really really hot Oscar winner, and fine he happens to also be best friends with Jay-Z…actually I totally see why people don’t like him.

But, I still do. He writes a catchy song and that’s all that matters.

Earlier this week Martin performed at Apple’s annual unveiling of new products that will just be updated in less than a year… and he played a new (kind of) song called Wedding Bells. I say kind of because he debuted the first verse of the tune in a UK special sometime last year.

Word is the band’s 5th album is due out around Christmas. Whether or not Wedding Bells will be on it, only time will tell.

Both versions below (I happen to prefer the guitar one, lets hope we see that fleshed out at some point)

Kanye West (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Justin Vernon): Monster

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A new track from Mr. West, that he dropped on his website this morning. This is part of the G.O.O.D. Fridays that Kanye announced on twitter earlier this week, and is apparently just the beginning of the collaborative efforts of Kanye and Bon Iver front man Justin Vernon. Check out this sweet interview from Pitchfork where Vernon discusses going to Hawaii to record with Kanye, overdubbing the shit out of his vocals, and smoking spliffs with Rick Ross.  Also, Nicki Minaj’s verse is FIRE.

MP3: Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Justin Vernon).