Bon Iver: Heavenly Father

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wish i was here heavenly father bon iver

Zach Braff’s first directorial effort Garden State blew my mind as a high school junior back in 2004. Everything from the overwhelming melancholic feel of the film to Natalie Portman’s amazing performance that left me lusting after a pathological lying epileptic struck a chord with little 17 year old me. But my favorite aspect of the movie wasn’t any one performance or scene, it was the soundtrack. In addition to perfectly complimenting the story and feel of the movie, it introduced me to a world of music I never knew existed outside of the radio. I’ll never forget desperately waiting for the credits to close so I could find out who sang the final song that played as Braff and Portman reunited in the airport for a kiss (the song was “Let Go” by Frou Frou, and I still love it to this day). I expect Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here to be no less incredible if judging by this new track from Bon Iver written for the film. Such a moving song. Check out Heavenly Father below.

Coldplay: Midnight

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This morning Coldplay pulled a “Beyonce” and released a new single unannounced. As with most of the band’s recent output, I’m not really sure what to make of this song… (Can’t you just make A Rush Of Blood To The Head Part II and call it a day?). “Midnight” sounds a bit like what I imagine Bon Iver would if he hung up his guitar for a synth and a vocoder. Hmm…

Check out the video for “Midnight” below.

Volcano Choir: Repave

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I want to apologize for not being around the last few months. Sometimes life gets in the way of the things that make you truly happy. But today it’s about the “now,” and for me right now Volcano Choir’s upcoming sophomore release Repave is the only thing I’ve been listening to. Comprised of Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon and Collections of Colonies of Bees, the band has created a masterpiece. It’s sad, epic, and beautifully happy all at the same time. I can’t say I was a big fan of the supergroup’s debut album Unmap as it was a bit too experimental for my taste, but they’ve certainly created something special this time around. For all fans of Bon Iver (everyone?) this is a must listen. Repave is due out on September 2nd, but head on over to NPR for a first listen.

Take Cover Tuesday // September 11

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I realized today its been nearly a year since we last “took cover” so to speak… and thats just plain bogus! So to make it up to you I’ve compiled a few of my favorites from the past few months. And just like that Tuesdays are relevant again.

MP3: John Mayer: Video Games (Lana Del Ray)

MP3: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr: Like A Prayer (Madonna)

MP3: Avec Sans: Perth (Bon Iver)

MP3: Benjamin Francis Leftwich: MIdnight City (M83)

Bon Iver: Towers

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Bon Iver is set to release a new single for “Towers” on March 6th on 4AD. The single will feature a cover of John Prine’s “Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)” on the B-side. For now here’s the official video for the song, off his 2011 eponymous album, which features Vernon’s apparent, oft preferred ‘wanderer’ theme. The visual was beautifully shot and directed by Nabil.

Stream Vernon’s cover after the jump:

Best of 2011: Cover Art

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Once considered an integral part of music packaging, album art has all but faded in the digital music age. The iPod has reduced 12 x 12 LP covers to thumbnails, pushing many artists to use large block print across plain backgrounds. How else are people going to know what they’re listening to? Sometimes simplicity is good, but thankfully for the vinyl aficionados of the world there are still artists who value the visual experience of owning an LP. Hit the jump to check out the covers that caught our eye in 2011.

Bon Iver: Hinnom, TX

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Bon Iver is set to release a deluxe edition of their excellent self-titled album tomorrow. Not big news, except for the fact that each song is accompanied by a matching video. Always nice when already vivid and rich songs get coupled with beautiful imagery. Check out “Hinnom, TX” below. The super duper deluxe edition is available tommorrow on Itunes. If you need help finding it, just ask Siri.