Baths: Disorderly

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Baths Disorderly

So pardon me if something I loved is lost, but since when does Baths (or simply Will) write one night stand jams written as if he did not care? This man cared too much. Just listen to Plea. Remember the power behind, “Because we are still not valid

(If you not heard his daytrotter sessions you should go find those)

“Forgot to thank you for your love whatever you name was.” Damn, that’s cold.

Of course the beats are still there. The drum machine, sprinkled with all the right extras, still hit home like only Baths could. It’s still relentlessly catchy even if it’s lost some of it’s wide eye romanticism.

Teen Daze: Le étalée, nouveauté glorieuse

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When we last left you Teen Daze had released an improperly timed but dreamily heart felt summer tribute album. Since then the one man wonder has been dropping new tracks on us faster than we can say Ashton Kutcher. Last week he presented his fans with Reinterprets Selections From “Mend” By Geotic, which is Daze’s take on Baths (Will Weisenfeld’s side project). Harmonizing beats here folks. Let it blend in. Translated Le étalée, nouveauté glorieuse means ‘The sprawling, glorious novelty.’ Fitting. Download the album for free here and listen to my favorite below.

MP3: Teen Daze: Le étalée, nouveauté glorieuse