Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience

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Justin Timberlake is having himself one hell of a March. In addition to hosting one of the better SNL episodes I’ve seen in recent memory, the crooner is currently preparing his much anticipated third album, The 20/20 Experience due out next week. Those of you who are itching to get their paws on the LP are in luck, as the entire album is currently free to stream in the iTunes music store. Click here to listen.

M83: Starwaves

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I was pretty pumped when I heard that Anthony Gonzalez of M83 is scoring that futuristic Tom Cruise movie Oblivion.  Maybe Gonzalez’s genius will counter balance Cruise’s lack thereof…(I kid. I’m actually on board for a full on Cruise Comeback). Today brings us our first taste of the soundtrack, and I’m really digging it. “Starwaves” is a beautiful number that could have fit anywhere on Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Check it out.

Coachella Lineup Released

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It’s about time to start getting overly excited to look at lineups to festivals that I won’t even be going to, but one can dream. Coachella released their lineup and it’s pretty dope. Blur coming back would be pretty cool, except sadly, I don’t listen to them all that much. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s will be playing a lot of their new stuff after releasing news that they’re coming out with a new album with a crazy ass artwork.  I saw Phoenix at Lollapalooza when they headlined, and that show was ridiculous. They also are hinting at a new album with this flash page on their site. (Warning, may induce seizures). Can’t forget about Sigur Ros, either. I crossed them off my bucket list this summer, and they did not disappoint. The rest of Saturday is just ridiculous, too. Grizzly Bear, Franz Ferdinand, MOBY. If I had a few thousand dollars laying around, I definitely would be spending a week out in the middle of California wine country.

Oh can’t forget about Hot Chip. Here’s a video from earlier this year. Check out the Willie Nelson souvenir headwear. I want it now.


Perfume Genius: Hood

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Given all the putrid hate spewing from public figures lately, Perfume Genius – aka Mike Hadreas – picked an apt time to release his beautiful sophomore release Put Your Back N 2 It. Hadreas found himself in the middle of controversy when Google / Youtube pulled the promotional video made for his new release. Remember the Don’t Be Evil Days? Hadreas knows how to craft a melody, and “Hood” should give the listener a great glimpse into the lush songwriting present in Put Your Back N 2 It. Great album, great song; feel free to grab “Hood” below.  You can check out the wildly offensive video (/sarcasm) Hadreas created here. Buy the album over at Matador Records.

MP3: Perfume Genius: Hood

The Neighborhood: Drive

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I’m having trouble finding solid information on the origins of The Neighborhood, but from what I gather, it is the solo effort of Ryan Dolliver (a touring member of Oregon’s favorite band Hockey). Then again, I could be so wrong… in which case please drop some knowledge on me. Either way, this is some pretty awesomely chill music. Find more at Bandcamp.

MP3: The Neighborhood: Drive

MP3: The Neighborhood: From Me To You And Back Again

MP3: The Neighborhood: I Wont Get You Down