The New Division: Honest (Ft. Starflyer 59) [The New Division Remix]

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New Division Honest

Did New Division just remix their own song? Are they trying to one up R. Kelly? I know we have scientists working on some important stuff, but why have we as a world not thrown more resources at figuring out the greatest mystery of all; why is there no original version of Ignition? I need answers damnit!

While I spend the rest of my day listening to R. Kelly, you should listen to this song.  Also…just because I can I added the original version of Honest. I like em both.


Lost Lander: Cold Feet

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This gem randomly popped up on Spotify the other day (by the way are you following me on Spotify? if not… you should feel uncomfortable right now…), and I’ve been listening to it nonstop ever since. This is the first I’ve heard of the band, but damn I like what I hear as is evidenced by my Spotify recently played list (sweating yet you non-followers?).  Check out “Cold Feet” below, and have youself a nice Hump Day.

Hebronix: Unreal

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Hebronix Unreal

Yuck just released a new album. It’s ok, but not nearly as enjoyable as their self-titled effort of 2011. One thing lacking is former front man Daniel Blumberg who departed the group. His new gig? Hebronix. The weird drawings moved with him. Joy. But this is a pretty good debut from him. Still got the hazy Yuck feel to it, with his own take thrown on top like hollandaise sauce on top of eggs benedict.

Sounds like: Yuck

Wale: Bad Remix (feat. Rihanna)

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bad remix wale rihanna

If anyone is interested in procreating, this is probably the song that you should play to set the mood.  From a male perspective, I can say with confidence that Rihanna’s rapping gives me a tingly feeling in my loins and that will not go unnoticed in this writeup.  Wale also seems very confident (SURPRISE!) in The Gifted – his latest studio album slated for release on June 25th.  I have enjoyed most of what Wale has produced and this song is no different.  Honeymoon music.