Night Terrors of 1927: When You Were Mine [Featuring Tegan And Sara]

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Well isn’t this a peach?

I can say that I would irrationally love any song with Tegan and Sara featured. Ever since I heard those lovely ladies serenade the world with Living Room I have been a fanboy. But it’s the combination of Night Terrors and Tegan and Sara that make this song tick.

The song hits home as two close co-workers decided to leave today. So as I sit and weep at their departure I am just hitting replay on this beauty. Think Michael in that episode of the office except I am listening to the whole song. Save me Tegan. Save me Sara. Night Terror have an album coming out though! Learn more here.

Usroyalty: More To This

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A chorus that’s good enough to make you wish for the days when you would play air guitar to Blink182 albums in your bedroom.  Is this the worst right up of all time? Quite possibly. Do I care? Deeply. Should you still listen to the song? Yes.

HAERTS: Giving Up

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Remember when we used to publish on the regular? Those were fun days. But this song by HAERTS (such an annoying name to say, type) is pretty great. It’s all loopy and groovy in the right places. Big meaningful drums and sex undertone vocals. Wait till the end where snapping fingers and overlapped vocals take over your life.

Magic Man: Out Of My Mind

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Magic Man are like a pet tiger. You get this baby tiger when it’s young and adorable. The size of a puppy. You learn to love it. Grow with it. But in the back of head you know this thing is going to become a full sized tiger at some point and it may or may not want to eat you. So you love, but you also fear.

Magic Man have risen from a small internet sensation to a full blown loved band. They have tons of real, non-internet fans. I am sure they have groupies. Tour buses soon. I am sure a sold out House of Blues awaits them. And they deserve their future. If their new album, which drops on July 8th, contains more jams like the one above than they deserve to play in front of huge crowds. It was nice having them as a pet tiger, but I am scared to lose them as a full grown tiger. Soon they will be eating humans. That analogy came apart at the end.

Tell All The Girls: Sergio Gantz [Liquid Pegasus + Schmelson]

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Tell All The Girls

Some silly lyrics. Some silly beats. Silly french study abroad students and lame US students trying to do home work. If I did not like this song I might say this hits home a little too close. I too did a lot of homework growing up. So much homework. Also, dancing seemed pretty silly when I was younger and even more white than I am now (disclaimer: I am like, very white..even now). But I think I can appreciate this jam now, a little older and wiser. So throw some sunglasses on, watch Rip City rip through the playoffs and jam out.