How To Dress Well: Repeat Pleasure

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Repeat Pleasure

Props to our friends (well not really friends…it’s more like stalking…since I love them and I don’t think they know we exist. Ok that got creepy…back to the music) at All Things Go for having some fun at the expense of the super soulful serious How To Dress Well. Starting a campaign for #howtolooksad based on his latest tune.

It’s true Tom Krell does look pretty forlorn in the image coupled with song. He shouldn’t though because this song is freaking great. Based on his last song, we are getting setup for a pretty amazing album coming to our ears in June.

You keep being you Tom.

Carousel: Let’s Go Home

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You know what’s better than Winter? Spring. Yes sir, I am jumping up for joy for this lovely 40 degree weather. And while I am sure we will get a blizzard tomorrow I am going to bask in some summer song. Carousel’s Let’s Go Home is a perfect fit. Also, these guys originated in Boston! Shout out Berklee. So spin it up.

If you – like me – are basking in this nice Boston weather you should come out and see Carousel, Cherub & Probcause live tomorrow at the Paradise. Take a HubWay there or since it’s nice out, freaking walk. Buy ticket in advance here.

Bipolar Sunshine: Love More Worry Less

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Bipolar Sunshine

It got up to 50 degrees in my city this weekend. I have a theory that living in a cold weather city makes me appreciate warm things better. That feeling when you walk into a crowded bar after wandering around in 10 degree winter weather. That first day of Spring. If I lived in LA and it was 50 degrees I would be like it is cold as shit out right now. But no, I live somewhere where it’s cold half the year and 50 degrees is amazing. So…suck it California.

On these kind of days I like to listen to music that matches the weather.

I don’t know Adio Marchant, but I feel like he knows me.  With lyrics like “Eyes looking like you had fight with the rain,” it’s like the man is making music just for my ears. He writes straight up ballads. I’d do a disservice trying to sum up how good these are songs are with my terrible writing. So just listen and enjoy the nice weather.


Phoebe Ray: Drops Of Bliss

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Drops of Bliss

Yes. A thousand times yes. Yes at this song.

I have yet to meet a Phoebe in my life. Is it really even a real name? If you are named Phoebe please let me know. Phoebe was my least favorite character in Friends though. I’m a cynic and I felt like she was the least real out of a bunch of not real people. Life is not all raisons and popcorn Phoebe! Get with it!

But now I feel like I would like Phoebe. She and this song have a lot in common. Care free. Fun. They make me think of summer? That one was weird, but screw it. Summer!

The New Division: Honest (Ft. Starflyer 59) [The New Division Remix]

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New Division Honest

Did New Division just remix their own song? Are they trying to one up R. Kelly? I know we have scientists working on some important stuff, but why have we as a world not thrown more resources at figuring out the greatest mystery of all; why is there no original version of Ignition? I need answers damnit!

While I spend the rest of my day listening to R. Kelly, you should listen to this song.  Also…just because I can I added the original version of Honest. I like em both.