Usher: Good Kisser

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Usher is on the top of his game. Just when I thought he couldn’t beat the incredibleness that is “Climax,” he goes and creates “Good Kisser.” This is hands down the best song currently on the radio. Check it out.

Coldplay: O

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I am finally getting around to the new Coldplay album, and the only thing I can say for certain is… Chris Martin is sad. Then again what else should you expect when you fall for a she-devil with an obsession with Kabbalah.  As was the case with Mylo Xyloto, I am not a big fan of Ghost Stories upon first listen. Why must these guys rely so heavily on synths? Throw the four of them into a room with a piano, a guitar, some drums, and a bass and let’s see what we get. If it’s half as good as A Rush Of Blood To The Head or Parachutes, chances are I will love it. Then again “O” ain’t that bad… Check it out below.

Lana Del Ray: Shades Of Cool

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Word has it Ms. Lana Del Ray was paid upwards of 3 million dollars to perform three songs at the “Westdashian” extravaganza in Florence this weekend. In the words of the groom himself, “That Shit Cray.” I wonder if “Shades of Cool” was one of these three lucky numbers that helped make official what is Bound 2 be another fleeting money grab of a marriage. Check it out below.

Wild Cub: Thunder Clatter

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A little bird recently told me about this fantastic new track from Wild Cub. Well little bird, you know me all too well because I love this track. It’s the perfect pre-summer jam as it doesn’t quite make me want to grind up on someone in a dark seedy club (me in the dead of July) nor does it make me want to jump off the roof (me during this last Boston winter). Much like Spring, my love for all things Wild Cub has just sprung. Check it out below!

Keir McCormack: Runnin’ Thru The Dark

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Los Angeleno Keir McCormack is back at it y’all, and this time he’s doing it in the dark… (I did not mean for that to sound so sexual in nature, but I’m going to run with it). His most recent single “Runnin’ Thru The Dark” is easy listening and very relatable to anyone in their late 20’s. Check out said track below, and be sure to support Keir here.

Wye Oak: Logic Of Color

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I stumbled apon Wye Oak’s new album yesterday morning while perusing Spotify and haven’t stopped listening to it since. It is very reminiscent of Chairlift’s 2012 hit Something, which is one heck of a compliment in my book. “Logic Of Color” is particularly tickling my fancy this morning. Check it out below!

Sisyphus: Booty Call

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Sisyphus is starting to infiltrate my psyche… seriously, I woke up this morning singing “Ima kiss you like a bubble in the brooks” and haven’t stopped since. Which means I’m going to try and pass it off on all of you fine people. Check it out…