Reuben And The Dark: Bow And Arrow

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Before yesterday I had no idea who you were Reuban And The Dark, but as of today consider me a fan. Mere seconds into the opening song off of these guys’ new LP Funeral Sky, I knew it wouldn’t be my last listen. Sure enough, I spent the entire workday repeat listening. I’ll let the thing speak for itself… Check out “Bow And Arrow” below.

Owen Pallet: Chorale

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Forgive me if this blurb is a bit senseless as I just returned from my five year college reunion and can’t quite focus on much of anything. Given my current headache, I immediately sought out some relaxing string heavy tunes when I fired up Spotify this morning. Luckily for me, strings mastermind Owen Pallet just dropped a new album. Check out “Chorale” below.

Sylvan Esso: Coffee (MS MR Remix)

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Sylvan Esso’s excellent song “Coffee” has been ruling my brainwaves all week. Man, those last 2 minutes are just the ultimate payoff. In an effort to further showcase said song’s greatness, take a listen to this interesting remixed version. Get up, get down.

Usher: Good Kisser

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Usher is on the top of his game. Just when I thought he couldn’t beat the incredibleness that is “Climax,” he goes and creates “Good Kisser.” This is hands down the best song currently on the radio. Check it out.

Coldplay: O

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I am finally getting around to the new Coldplay album, and the only thing I can say for certain is… Chris Martin is sad. Then again what else should you expect when you fall for a she-devil with an obsession with Kabbalah.  As was the case with Mylo Xyloto, I am not a big fan of Ghost Stories upon first listen. Why must these guys rely so heavily on synths? Throw the four of them into a room with a piano, a guitar, some drums, and a bass and let’s see what we get. If it’s half as good as A Rush Of Blood To The Head or Parachutes, chances are I will love it. Then again “O” ain’t that bad… Check it out below.

Lana Del Ray: Shades Of Cool

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Word has it Ms. Lana Del Ray was paid upwards of 3 million dollars to perform three songs at the “Westdashian” extravaganza in Florence this weekend. In the words of the groom himself, “That Shit Cray.” I wonder if “Shades of Cool” was one of these three lucky numbers that helped make official what is Bound 2 be another fleeting money grab of a marriage. Check it out below.