The Black Keys: Lonely Boy

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The Black Keys have just dropped the first single from their new Danger Mouse co-produced album El Camino (available December 4th on Nonesuch) via the above video. Pre-order the album here to receive a digital download of the new track, otherwise you can purchase the song on 12″ vinyl, along with “Run Right Back,” on November 25th as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday series. The 12″ cover art features the remains of the building where the duo once recorded their watershed album Rubber Factory. Check it out after the jump.

Radioseven: Sunset

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If you were a fan of Germany Germany’s Adventures (as you should be) than Radioseven might capture your attention as well. The band is a bit mysterious, but what the lack in background they make up for with productivity. They have two full albums for download on their bandcamp page and recently released a new single. As Germany Germany perfected, Radioseven loop bedroom beats over and over to create a swirly world of synthesizer.

MP3: Radioseven: Sunset

Inspired and the Sleep: While We’re Young

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First glimpse from a young San Diego band that specializes in what bands from California should specialize in – low-fi, beach pop. It makes sense that the album was written while creative force Max Greenhalgh sat in a life guard tower. Keep an ear open for some serious flute action. Download “While We’re Young” and stay posted for a full length in the future.

MP3: Inspired and the Sleep: While We’re Young

The Coasts

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At the behest of Rollo & Grady I’ve been spinning The Coasts debut album this morning. The unsigned duo is composed of Ike Peters (Little Rock, AK) and Eric Mount (Lebanon, OH). While living in two different locations must have presented some recording challenges, Ike and Eric have produced a solid debut of throwback rock ‘n’ roll. The set features a generous mix of horns, fuzzed-out vocals, and electric and acoustic melodies. Fans of Dr. Dog’s early days would do good to give these guys a listen. Download album standout “Handshakers” or stream The Coasts entire self-titled album (via bandcamp) below.

MP3: The Coasts: Handshakers

Karen O: Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Cover)

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In support of Chipotle’s annual Halloween fundraiser Boorito, Karen O has covered a Waylon Jenning’s song made popular by Willie Nelson a few decades back. I’m really digging this song. It’s simple, it’s sad, and it fits perfectly with this accompanying short film entitled Abandoned. Check it out above/below.

MP3: Karen O: Mammas Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Waylon Jennings Cover)